I’m just a 20 something old fan and this is my Tokio Hotel/Billy collection (so far).

In the menu, you can search this page by era, albums, cd packaging (jewel case, card sleeve,…) and cd type (album,single,EP,…). Every cd also has a code. If you see any mistake, please inform me. This site is (for now) dedicated only to cd collection but as a time goes by and we’ll get new stuff, I will probably talk/review about other TH products too.

You can visit our Tokio Hotel site (tokiohotelslo) for all latest news.  If you have any questions about the band, about the collection&cd’s or anything related to Tokio Hotel, feel free to ask right away!

*I’ve been a fan since 2006, yet I just started collecting this summer. I, for sure don’t own every available copy. As I’ll receive a new cd, I will add it on this site by its release date and not current date, but don’t worry, there will be a page of all latest added cd’s, so you won’t get confused. If I’ll buy anything else (like official merch, special items) I will post it on this website too.

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